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What We Value

We, while performing our business operations, value the following things:

  • High Quality: As a successor of this valuable cutlery art, we value the efforts the artisans put in to bring forth such great and impeccable product range of Futomaru Branch Secateurs (Manual-Battery), Long Reach Pruner. Apart from focusing on quality of our offerings, we pay attention to our customer services, as well.
  • Safety: For us, safety has always been the top priority. Sometimes, work efficiency leads to the safety criteria in actual work environments. Therefore, we pursue products that would offer the unmatched safety efficiency for minimizing hazards on-site.
  • Easy-to-use: The major percentage people who use our products are senior citizens. Therefore, we offer easy-to-use products to them.
  • Eco: The motive of our company is to remain friendly to our nature, therefore, we have come up with the idea of being Eco-friendly. Moreover, we think that sharpening is the act of making most of the material. Therefore, we use sharpeners to maintain Eco-friendliness.
  • MIKI-Hardware Tradition: Popular as one of the oldest towns of blacksmiths, this city remains the pride of every craftsmen till date. And, we, at our company, work relentlessly to bring forth such a qualitative product range from our this well-known city as we have perform our business operations from this very city by making use of traditional methods as well as technologically advanced tools. Moreover, we work harder to maintain fair price structure of our Long Reach Pruner and Futomaru Branch Secateurs (Manual-Battery).


We give our customers not one but many reasons to choose us over our counterparts, of which the major the main one that is always considered by them is our ability to maintain transparency in every business deal. Working with honesty is everything to be proud of. We feel pride in saying that we have been honest to our customers and our nature of business and we will work with the same honesty in future, as well.

Price Structure

Customer definitely look for good quality products but would not prefer going over the board on their budget. In the race of offering high quality products to our customers, we never lose focus on maintaining our price structure. Amazed by this, our customers always choose us for buying products that we offer them.