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A reliable company to obtain Long Reach Pruner and Futomaru Branch Secateurs (Manual-Battery)!

About Us

NISHIGAKI is a family owned hardware manufacturing company from MIKI city of the Japan. From past many years, we have been successfully creating exceptional value for our clients by bringing continuous innovation and improvement in our products. Leveraging on the valuable traditional skills that come to us from one of the famous historical hardware making cities of Japan, we are proudly manufacturing cutting edge products that perfectly meet the requirements of the times.

What We Value 

Nishigaki Industrial Co. Ltd. is committed to supplying quality based Long Reach Pruner, Futomaru Branch Secateurs (Manual-Battery) and Super Pole Saw.


Our products are designed to be used for safety. 

Easy To Use

Tools must be easy to use, considering this our range has been made. 

High Quality 

We always pursue the highest level of products quality. 

MIKI-Hardware Tradition

Thanks to our tradition, our blade technique is incomparable.
Most Popular Products
 As the originator of long reach pruners in Japan, we are proud of offering truly useful long reach products to the world.

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